New Years and The Office

photo (11)
Well, Happy New Year. I’m more than happy to ring in 2014 this year, as 2013 was probably one of the worst years of my adult life. While alls well that ends well (and boy, did it end well), it was an extremely trying year, both financially and emotionally that had far more downs than ups. But I’ve been blown away by the kindness, generosity and caring a lot of our friends and family have exhibited over the last few months, and I think going through trials and tribulations are good reminders to focus on everything positive in your life and work through the negative at whatever pace you can manage. This year also drove home the importance for a healthy savings account and smarter buying decisions (something I’m still very much struggling with). While I would like to have not learned that lesson the incredibly hard way, I’m just fortunate that I’ve learned it and things didn’t end as poorly as they could have.

So, hopefully 2014 will be a much less disastrous, much more creative and fun year. I don’t really do resolutions, as I’m an over-planner and goal setter by nature, but I hope to lose some more weight (I think I dropped maybe 18lbs last year? I’m not really sure as I don’t own a scale anymore). I want to build and be creative with furniture and our home (which by default needs to be a DIY project), and I’d like to save up to eventually buy another house, where-ever we end up. I’m also on a “trial period” for working remotely from home, so it’d be nice if I could swing an indefinite position. If not, Steven and I are working on some back-up plans that I’m almost more excited about, so we’ll see where it lands.

Speaking of my job and DIY (oh what a forced segue!), one of the first and most important things to set-up when we moved in was my office. By the nature of the work that I do, I’m chained to my desk for usually a minimum of 8 hours, sometimes more in the 12+ realm, and I really needed something that was calming, visually appealing and comfortable.

photo (8)

I went kind of hog-wild with a semi-bohemian look. From the rustic metal and wood desk, to the crazy plants (that giant thing was only $25!) and the patterned rug, it all really fits in well together. I’m still waiting on some lamps and I need to start painting again so I have more art. My parents graciously supplied me with canvas and paints for Christmas and may be sending some of my paintings that I left with them soon, I just need to find some motivation to get started.

Office Part 1

We also built a little console/bookshelf to house some of our stuff (mostly our printer). The supplies maybe cost us $30, as opposed to something from Ikea that would have run us about $200 and while it’s rough since it was pre-mitre saw, it kind of goes with the whole bohemian, battered look.

Bartok and Nyx like to sleep in here while I’m working, so eventually I’m going to make them beds since the concrete can’t be comfortable, and Klaus is a big couch-hog.

photo (12)

During the day we usually have a few horses that wander in and out of our yard, and they’ll come right up to the window to check out the house.

All-in-all, it’s a pretty good office.


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