Getting there…

Every time I get into the swing of writing, a million things come up and writing goes to the bottom of the list. Isn’t that just the way? Of those millions of things going on, we’ve been working diligently in getting the Mt. Rainier house back up to snuff.

We’ve been re-drywalling the basement, some plumbing work (mainly to fix the half-bath, finally), landscaping and general cleaning/decluttering. This weekend we worked on the upstairs quite extensively, and for the first time since we bought the house, have a completely clean second and third bedroom! We also brought furniture down from the Baltimore house and re-did the bedroom a bit.

photo 2

The higher, lighter headboard, paired with the white nightstands and the jute lamps really elevated this room from “teenager” to “adult”. The wallpaper is still wild, but it looks more like a purposeful design decision. I’m very happy with this.

Another part of the house that got some attention was our entry/stairway. We had this console table in the Baltimore house, that ties in well with our dining room table, so we brought it down. We used to have a gallery wall there, but Klaus (and Steven) kept knocking pictures off the wall, so we patched it, painted it and put in the console.

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (4)

It’s my new favorite spot in the house. That crazy plant is clippings from a plant from the front yard that exploded and I needed to cut back. I love how sculptural it is.

There’s still plenty more that’s been going on, but I’m going to have to save that for another day. Back to the grind.


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