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Boy do I wish this was the post where I could exclaim, WE’RE DONE! and move on with our lives. But alas, as with most projects, we’ve hit a snag and we’re not done. We’re only about 50% done, but hey! 50% isn’t so bad!

When we had the sewage back-up, the half-bathroom on the first floor essentially had to be gutted. Our insurance is cool enough that we were able to select our own finishes, and as I mentioned we were going with something more appropriate to the existing style of the house. Lowes had this pretty, not too contemporary-but-still-contemporary vanity. Given that we’re pretty positive the vanity that had to be removed was also from Lowes, we figured that the sink that we were able to salvage would fit, no problem.

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Oh how naive we were. The sink is the right length, but its missing about 5 inches of depth. Rookie move, since we should have just measured, but ultimately no big deal. Onto craigslist it goes, and back to Lowes we go.

The other issue we encountered is that our tile cutter is just no good when it comes to this slate/porcelain hybrid so we can’t make the detail cuts we need. It snaps the tiles in weird sections, which happens usually only with natural stone, but I guess because it has the slate top it’s not cutting right. We have a wet saw in the Baltimore house, and will pick it up tomorrow and hopefully get these cuts done quickly.

Once we’ve done that, it’ll be all gravy. We have some touch up work to do, a toilet to install and we’ll need to get paint on the wall at some point, but hooray! 50% done.

photo 3 (10)

Ok, so that’s mostly for Steven’s hooray face. It’s my faves.


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