Bathroom reno in progress!

photo 3 (2)

So we’re working on the bathroom. It would have been done last night, but alas our car is not big enough to fit a 36inch vanity that’s pre-assembled. We’re hoping to borrow a car big enough tonight and pick it up, so we can wrap this up. Originally we were going to go crazy and do up the bathroom how we really wanted, with penny tile and a floating vanity and the like, but then we thought about it and decided we’d rather save money and in the process stick with the style of the house.

Now, normally I’d be charging ahead to turn the house into something that is completely 100% ours, but we are in complete agreement that this is not at all our forever home (who buys forever homes in their 20s?!) and the work that was done isn’t offensive by any means, so let’s not reinvent the wheel. If we were staying here for even 5 years I’d probably have a different outlook on it, but I doubt 5 years is in the “plan” so to speak, so sticking with the style we have, it is.

So, we bought some slate/porcelain hybrid tiles at Lowes for super cheap. I eyeballed the spacing because we forgot to pick up spacers and I think it came out pretty well. We grouted last night, and have all the necessary mouldings, mirrors, and other appliances, except for the vanity. Once we get that, we’ll paint, install everything and consider this baby done.

Then, on to even more fixes!

In the meantime though, we’ve been enjoying actually being able to come home after work and see our animals. They’ve been enjoying it too.

photo 2 (3)


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