Here’s looking to you, ceiling

We’re very close to finishing the Baltimore house. One of the joys of owning a very old house is that you get to undo bad renovation decisions (which I’m happy to say, we will pass on that torch to the new owners of our house – can anyone say joint compound mouldings?) and one of those bad decisions was ceiling tiles. Layered on top of a wallpapered ceiling. And while wallpaper on the ceiling can look quite nice, wallpaper circa 1950 that has been painted over, covered in glue and hidden by ceiling tiles is not nice. At all. So Steven has been diligently scraping and sanding and cleaning and it’s delayed us by a few days.

As an ode to wallpaper on the ceiling, here’s a few examples that don’t suck:

As you can imagine there just aren’t a lot of good examples of this. But when it’s done well, it’s great. I think a ceiling has to be pretty ornate for it to be pulled off, but in the case of the edged floral wallpaper, the wallpaper makes the ceiling look ornate, without the aid of mouldings. A crystal chandelier doesn’t hurt things either.

So would you ever put wallpaper on your ceilings? I kind of want to try it in of our spare bedrooms in our new house.


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