Unnamed Friend’s Office Mood Board

So Laasya is not the only friend that I’ve been yammering on to about designing their space. I have a friend that I have been …encouraging (that’s pretty much an understatement) to decorate her condo. When she bought it is was in full on 1980s mode, and after two years we finally painted the main living spaces. She opted for “Man Cave” by Valspar, which is one of my absolute favorite colors (we used to have it in our dining room). Off of her main living area is this gorgeous sunroom, that could be a multitude of things, but would make a great office/meditation area for her. She’s an avid yoga enthusiastic and very earthy, so I’ve put the below mood board together as a springboard for her space. Here’s hoping she lets me come in and decorate it!

Unamed Friend's Office Mood Board

To play off of how bright that room is, I’ve proposed painting it “Woodsmoke” by Valspar. It’s pretty close to the color in this picture. Kind of an earth grey, that’s still pretty light. It’s this grey:

photo 1

It works really well with Man-Cave and is colorful without being all “hey! HEY!” (She’s pretty much the opposite of Laasya in the color-loving department). Since the room is so bright and airy, anything darker would just diminished the beauty of the room.

Because she does work, and needs something a little more functional than her couch to work on, I think this is a great area to put a desk. She has a second bedroom and there’s this great open space that she currently has her dining area set-up in, but none of them scream “make me an office!”. This room does, however. Since we were working on our office in the Baltimore house I’ve had the opportunity to look at a lot of desks lately. Of all of them, I LOVE the campaign desk from Target probably the most. It’s only $110, and has great lines and is just oh so chic. It will go really well in that space, especially paired with that rug. Normally I would say that we’d find a cheaper alternative, but luckily for me, my friend is a bit of a rug fiend and has already bought it. There’s a school of thought that you should always start with the rug first in a room, and while I’m not always on board with that concept (I have designed entire rooms around chairs before), in this case it was definitely the springboard for a lot of my inspiration.

Because she likes to do yoga and meditate, floor cushions are a must, especially on a semi scratchy rug. Since it is supposed to be a tranquil space, and full o’ yoga, a Buddah (while trite) is necessary. I have one in my kitchen. I love them. Even if it is sooooooooooo 1990s yuppie.

Also, she needs plants. Lots and lots and lots and lots of plants. Or at least a few. But the more the merrier. I wonder if I can get her to invest in some hanging planters comme ca:

I never really lost interest in hanging plants, so the fact that they’re back in style is just dandy. Add to the fact that many now have geometric features and white ceramic and/or neon accents? Awesomesauce.

My friend is a bit fastidious with her privacy (hence the post name), so I’m working on her to let me show some photos when it’s done. She reads this blog, so internet people, convince her you’re not creepy! Also, that she wants some cool hanging planters.

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