Laasya’s Room – The Plan

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’re aiming for a sophisticated yet playful look with Laasya’s room. Laasya was really partial to the color palette of Emily Henderson’s room, but loved the luxurious (if over the top) feel of Rohde’s room.

From there, I’ve come up with:

Laasya's Room

Laasya has a white metal bed frame from Ikea that she’d like to reuse. I’m thinking we’ll probably spray paint it gold, because everything is better when spray painted gold. The bed goes “little kid” fast, and since we’re pairing it with pinks and yellows, the gold will hopefully prevent it from dropping into the 12-year old territory, and make it look more mature. I think with some white bedding, yellow and pink and gold accents and a big piece of art above the bed, she’ll stay firmly in the “Adult” category.

We’re also in deep conversations about which dresser to use. I love her crazy over the top dresser (below) but she’s partial to the high boy.


The high boy probably makes the most sense for the space though, and she does like it more. Either way, it will most likely be painted, and probably yellow? Maybe white (though we don’t want to bring the room down to juvenile, so we need to be careful). I’m thinking lucite handles. Because awesome.

Laasya isn’t a huge reader, but we thought a nice nook where she COULD read would be a good idea. I love that blue Strandmon chair from Ikea. It’s one of their discontinued lines from the 60s or 70s that they rereleased, AND it’s in blue velvet which is awesome. At $279 it’s a steal for a chair that size. I fully plan on buying two of these at some point for this weird random room we have in our house, so I’m pretty partial to them. I think paired with a gold or turquoise side table (maybe spray paint the one she already has) would look really nice.

Laasya works with me, and as I can contest, work is sometimes out of control. Despite all efforts to the contrary, sometimes you just have to work from home, “After hours”. Currently, Laasya has no space to do so. She loves florals and over-the-top patterns, and has a wall opposite her bed that is a big blank slate. I’m thinking that pink damask wallpaper from Graham + Brown ($60/roll, which would get pricey if we weren’t doing just the one wall) paired with a parsons desk, or maybe a campaign desk from Target and some sort of fancy pants chair would be the perfect small space solution. I use a Ghost Chair for my desk and love it. There are a few quality knock-offs for about $100, so if Laasya did want to make the investment, she could do so at a reasonable price. Otherwise, we’ll craigslist something.

For the walls, I’m thinking “Shore” by Valspar, which that color in the moodboard is fairly close to. It’s a gorgeous white that has a grey undertone and changes color slightly throughout the day. It’s very soft and looks good paired with a vibrant wallpaper. It’ll keep things fairly neutral, so if she wants she can easily change out colors in her room.

Last but not least, the accents. If there’s room, the $130 bench from target, with the yellow velvet (it’s more yellow in person than this picture suggests) is a great choice that’ll play off of the golds, blues and yellows. Also, I don’t want the room to go to crazy plant town, but having maybe a fiddle fig, maybe some small potted plants (like on the desk) would go a long way to bringing in the natural element that I know Laasya loves. We’ll add some wood elements with the night stands, and call it a day.

As for organization, a closer organizer is a must. As well as some baskets to hide clutter, and perhaps a filing system in the dresser so she can store her miscellaneous paperwork. We’ll also frame out a lot of her photos and do a small gallery wall, possibly above the desk, that way Laasya can get more surface space back on her dresser, and it’ll have the added bonus of giving her something to smile at whenever she’s working (a definite must!). After-all, functionality in that room is very important to her and there’s no point investing in the design if it’s going to be obscured by clutter.

Phew, that was a long post, but it gives an idea of where the room is going. Below is a source list for everything in the mood board, though this is really just a spring board for us, and we likely won’t be using half of it.

Next up: the layout!

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