Inspiration for Laasya’s Bedroom

The first time I saw this picture I simultaneously squealed, wished for a Rococo headboard and then wished for a friend that would let me do up their space this way. The colors! The laquer! The style! Ugh, it’s so awesome.

Then I met Laasya and knew it was a design match made in heaven. I mentioned in my last post how bright and sunny her disposition is, and she’s always dressed up in saturated colors. It’s fantastic and I can’t think of any better space for us to draw inspiration from, except for maybe:

Both of course, from Emily Henderson.

And that sophisticated, but playful look is exactly what we’re going for in Laasya’s room. At the risk of sounding like an old person, Laasya is young and should have a space that reflects that, while also capturing how mature and worldly she is. She’s also Indian and is all about the vibrant color that is so often represented in Indian art and textiles. Of course, using bright saturated colors has to be done in such a way that you’re not going to crazy town every time you step through the door, and I have some ideas on how we’re going to accomplish that. In the meantime, another shot from the world’s coolest room ever (ugh that gallery wall!):


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