Laasya’s Living Quarters – The Prequel!

One of the things I love about design is that it varies so much from person to person. Fads come and go, but people clearly have things that they love and those things are generally wildly or at least mildly different from the next person. That’s why whenever I get asked to help a person with a design, I get so very excited. It’s never the same, it’s never boring and the challenge of designing to their specifications, while keeping your own “touch” is thrilling. Call me weird, but it’s how I get my kicks.

Most recently, a dear friend of mine asked me to help redo her room. She’s renting a room from a girl that owns the condo they both live in, and fortunately her landmate (landlord + roommate = landmate. Perhaps I should have gone with roomlord?) is open to her putting her own spin on her room.

Her room right now is pretty standard. White walls, light carpet, a mishmash of furniture bought after a cross-country move, with little organization and thought to the design. While a lot of people consider design as a way to pretty up a space, it really is an equation that pairs functionality with aesthetics that ultimately will determine if a person is relaxed and happy at home or not. And as my friend is one of the happiest and most enthusiastic people I know, she deserves a welcoming space that fully embraces who she is and her exceedingly sunny disposition. And that is what we’re going to aim for. Bring on the pink and girly, things are going to get wild up in here!

Though we can’t dive into painting and rearranging and styling until the Baltimore House is done (one week!), I thought I would start laying out the ground work of what we’re going to do and maybe even (gasps!) put together a mood board. Make a note: one day I’ll rant about mood boards.

But before I can jump into that, let’s start with the “befores”. These probably aren’t the most flattering, and I was really pushy and wanted them sooner rather than later, so ignore the mess and the bad lighting. However, it’s pretty evident from the photos that she needs organization and stat. As well as less furniture (or different furniture) and of course, color! Also, I lurrrrrrrve those brass swan things.





Next up: inspiration!


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