Sleep is at a premium

Back when we decided to move, we realized that the housing market in our neighborhood hadn’t really progressed to where we wanted. This wasn’t really a surprise to us, because we kept dibs on what was happening, but still annoying because that meant to move would have to rent out our current house.

As our current house was gotten for a bargain price, renting seemed like a great way to generate positive cash flow. I’m still pretty positive about the whole concept, but we had some pretty terrible renters and now the house is vacant again. Fortunately, while we were dealing with our tenants, the market rebounded to where we want it to be. So, we’re listing the house.

Of course, the tenants smoked (which wasn’t allowed, for the record) and just generally had too many people in the house, so a lot of repainting was in order. And there were somethings we just wanted to change and some improvements that could be made just to help sell the house quicker and at a higher price point.

So this is what’s been going on in this blogging hiatus:

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

We’re thankfully almost through with this stage, and in order to “elevate” the house, we’re staging it. Not only is this exciting because I get to buy furniture and try out new designs, but it means hopefully more posting material! Involving things that aren’t my paint covered jeans and exploding paint sprayers.

I can’t wait till we get to the pretty part.

17 more days till list.


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