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Of all my cooking skills, anything asian usually escapes me. I probably just don’t understand the spices and I’m sure I could buy a book to get better, but alas, I’ve just never been that interested in expanding that skill set. Given that, I was a little hesitant to try out a recipe I found for vegan summer rolls, but I decided what the hell, why not?

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They were sort of kind of awesome, and super easy to make. And you can too! So, here’s the recipe.

Well, before I get there, a note about the rice paper: It’s really annoying to use. I had to basically dip them into the hot water and pull them out before they could get gooey. Otherwise they just crinkled up and stuck to itself. Sort of like saran wrap.

So now for the actual recipe.

Vegan Summer Rolls

  • Pad thai sauce
  • Pressed tofu
  • Avocado
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce/cabbage of some sort
  • sesame seeds
  • sprouts
  • Cut up all your vegetables.

Cut the tofu into small cubes and sautee them in the pad thai sauce. Add sesame seeds. When firm, remove from the heat.

Dip your rice paper into the water, without crinkling it and place it on a plate. Arrange your vegetales in the middle of the paper, like you see above.

Roll the paper like a burrito.

Et voila! A vegan summer roll. They’re super easy to prepare once you get a hang of the paper.

photo 3 (6)

Now if only every other asian dish I tried to make was this easy…


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