Grey That Doesn’t Inspire Rage

Much like most parents, when it comes to hating, I make exceptions for things I call my own. In my last post I bitched and moaned about how much I’m over grey, and how annoying I find the entire trend. HOWEVER, I did note that I had a grey living room, and it is possibly one of my favorite rooms in the house.

In our Baltimore house we had a pretty-much black bedroom. I really, really loved the color scheme we had going on (it had a hot pink accent wall. What’s not to love?!) but it was too dark during the evenings, and the lighting situation in that house was a travesty. Something that tends to happen when the last time the electrical was updated was the 1960s. Given that, and that we decided to rent it out, we painted the room “Rope” by Valspar, which is this kind of annoying very light blue that’s not quite baby blue, but it’s not quite grey.

In our new house, with it’s brand new electrical system and out of control windows, is much more receptive to a really dark color. For the record, you can do dark colors in houses without lots of natural lighting and man-made light, and there are definitely some great examples where that works, but having a good source of light gives it a more elegant look.  At least, that’s my opinion after having lived with both. While the rest of the downstairs is currently painted “Shore” by Valspar (which deserves it’s own post dedicated to it) or beige, our living room, which I feel is twice the size of our last living room, is sort of segmented off and deserved it’s own treatment.

Here’s where “Evening Hush” by Behr comes into play.

On the swatch, the computer and in the paint can, Evening Hush looks like a sort of muddy, dark grey. But on the walls though it reads almost black but it’s super elegant, and really elevates the room to a whole different level.


photo 5
Ugh, check out those big, gorgeous windows.

The color is layered and repeated throughout the room, in the black couch, the (actually awesome) Ikea shelves, the metal work in the coffee table, and the dark greys in the rug.

Here’s a close-up of the shelving unit from Ikea. I have a post on how I styled the shelves in the queue. It should be up next week.

(A pre-painting picture, of course and from instagram no less. I really need to get better at this whole pictures for the blog thing)

However, we didn’t want it to just be all black, all the time, so we brought in art. One thing to know about me is that I love art. I collect whatever I can and I occasionally paint. Fortunately for me, Steven either legitimately loves my paintings, or pretends really well, so he likes it when it’s displayed. In an effort to make this room less dark cave, and more elegant entertainment space, we hung all of my canvas paintings (with the exception of one painting, which we bought from a street artist in New Orleans — the one with the red trees) gallery wall style on the wall behind the tv.

Double boom!

photo 1 (1)

The overall effect is that you’re sitting in an actual gallery, and it lends a lot of height and drama to the room. In true artist fashion, I’m extremely self-conscious about having my art be the first thing that you see when you walk into the house, but the presentation combined with the grey walls makes me feel a lot better (good enough that I hung some paintings from when I was 17!), and almost self-satisfactory about the whole thing.

To balance out the really dark color, the hallway/stairway that you can see from the living room is Shore white and has it’s own little gallery wall, which is more uniform.

photo (1)
(Another picture from before we painted the living room, and there’s now more art and the blue tape is gone)

I also think gallery walls are a little too all-over-the-place, but it’s still my favorite way to hang art. And I have tons.

photo (2)

Seriously. Tons.


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