Makin’ It Work

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When we started looking for a new house, we looked at a few fixer uppers. We had the experience of renovating our first house behind us, and home renovation is clearly a hobby for me. However, Steven wasn’t really into it, and without his help and support, I knew that the house wouldn’t get done. We looked at doing a 203k (an experience I’ll eventually address), to try to get a good deal and a contractor to renovate the house for us but it didn’t work out. Fortunately for us, the same day that fell through, our new house came on the market. It had been completely renovated, and while it was far, far too contemporary for our tastes (beige rage), it was a relief to find something that met all of our requirements, and was renovated to boot.

We put in an offer the same day. While I definitely enjoy having lots of projects, there’s a certain luxury to having a house that’s been completely done. The only thing I need to work on is making it ours is the design/decorating, a process which is well underway. We have a few major projects planned (an outdoor overhaul, converting the attic into a large master suite, possibly doing an addition at some point to expand the kitchen) but unlike our last house, we don’t have to replace everything from the insides out.

My only real complaint is that the downstairs layout is weird (see the first picture). The house is more compact than our last house, which works well since it’s only the two of us, but the use of space isn’t always the best. The upstairs space is particularly bad, but downstairs, there’s a large room in the middle of the kitchen, (what is supposed to be the) dining room and living room. Originally we set it up as an office, but the desk was so small that we had a huge cavernous space to fill. It just didn’t make any sense.

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A few weeks ago, Restoration Hardware had a sale on their Flatiron Dining Table. I had been looking for an industrial, reclaimed wood style table to replace our large-scale table that we’ve had for a few years from Pier 1. That table served us well, but it was never a long-term solution and it was far too large for our new house (The Baltimore house had a giant dining room).  Given that it was the right price, and the right time, we ordered the flatiron table. It arrived yesterday.

I’m in love. I wasn’t too pleased with the delivery service that Restoration Hardware forces you to use, but the table is amazeballs. The top is very rustic, but smooth, and the table is on casters so it’s easily moved. The legs are very attractive, and interesting while maintaining a low profile. Love. Love. Love.

After throwing it into the “Dining Room” we realized that we really didn’t like the layout and switched around the office with the dining room. I’m not normally a fan of a table in the middle of the walkway, but  it just works for the space, and suddenly makes so much more sense. Plus, I love seeing the little gallery wall (which I’ll eventually blog about) on the stairs while sitting at the table. It’s the little things.

photo 4 (4) Mreow.

P.S. that’s the ombre cougar rug from CB2, which they unfortunately do not sell anymore. It’s pretty badass, especially because you can hose it down to clean it. Given our destructo animals, this is most definitely the second best part. The first best part being the pink hot stripe. Duh.


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