The Basics

My childhood was pretty normal. While my parents are certainly bizarre, they managed to raise two basically well-adjusted daughters. They imparted on me tid-bits of random knowledge and kn0w-how, as well as a passion for many things, one of which is cooking.

My dad worked while I was growing up, and though my mom stayed home with us, he insisted on cooking. For 18 years, almost every single night my dad would come home, make dinner and at exactly 7pm (not 7:05, not 6:58, exactly at 7 – we’re not sure where this zeal for punctuality came from and it’s been the focus of many a joke) we would eat dinner as a family. My dad, like me, has many different interests, but one thing that he loved doing was cooking.

Some of my favorite memories of him are sitting behind the kitchen island and watching him cook. We would talk about our days, and my dad would teach us random things. It’s where I talked out my college plans, my wedding plans and just anything that I felt we needed to discuss. But it was also from behind the island.  At no point were my sister or I actually allowed to help him cook, and if we came around the kitchen island he’d yell something like “You’re crossing the line of death!”. He liked to cook everything himself (though we were occasionally allowed to chop things), but enjoyed company in the kitchen. Somehow though, both my sister and I learned how to cook, and if my husband is to be believed, we cook quite well. My dad claims that he learned the same way from his mom and if my husband and I ever decide to have spawn, our kids will learn the same way.

That’s all to say, that my passion for cooking has led me to decide to write a bit about cooking. The unorthodox way that I learned how to cook means I can eyeball ingredients (I rarely ever use measurements), mentally deconstruct meals and cook without recipes, and I’m always substituting things because I’m too lazy to make a grocery list and grocery shop before committing to make something. So sometimes my recipes will reflect that. This makes me great at experimenting and impressing my husband, but not so great at recording what I make. I’m hoping to change that and this blog is part of it.

I’m also a vegan. I’m allergic to the protein in dairy (much to the chagrin of my cheese loving family) and I’m a pretty big animal lover. To the point where we have our own mini-flock of chickens, two dogs and two cats. But as a borderline foodie vegan, I know that you can have great food, no matter it’s origin (whether it’s a new take on Grandma’s potpie or a vegan curry and Roti), without sacrificing ethics, health or taste.

So thusly, I’ve decided in addition to design, and whatever else, 32oh7 will feature (vegan) recipes that I’ve developed or ripped-off but modified enough I can call it my own.

Happy eating!



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