A note about “being vegan”

I’m molting! I’m molting! Oh what a world!

I mentioned in a previous post that we have a mini-flock of chickens. We indeed have nine chickens (Bacon, Banjo, Archimedes, Biscuit, Waffles, Daedalus, Cowbell, Grits and Bingley), and they have a pretty sweet coop set-up in our garage (with plenty of light) and a small garden they can run around in when we’re home to supervise. We put together this flock because of my avid interests in gardening and just a general interest in chickens, and we treat them like the beloved pets they are. All of them are female, and as hens do, they lay eggs. We eat those eggs.

As some of you may be wondering “but how can you eat eggs and claim you’re a vegan”, and it is in fact a question I get all the time. In short, they’re the only eggs I eat, the chickens are well cared for and treated as pets, not as egg factories, none of the chickens are harmed in collecting the eggs, and it would be wasteful NOT to eat them (we also give quite a few away a week because we just have too many on a normal basis). I understand if I’ve lost some of you here, but the goal of being a vegan is to limit your harm and impact (in so much is possible) on animals, and eating our chickens eggs and only our chickens eggs, does not harm anyone or anything. I’m happy with being labeled a vegetarian, I just happen to use vegan because it’s much, much easier than explaining all of my dietary restrictions than just explaining why I eat my chicken’s eggs.

All that to say, some of my recipes will feature eggs, if only so I have an excuse to eat them (we have approximately 2 dozen eggs currently, so any little bit helps). I felt it was better to clear the air before I posted one of those than cause confusion.

The end.


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